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"Through Coaching with Clare, I've begun, for the first time ever, to understand what matters to me. This has been incredible as I now have a framework to base decisions and opportunities on. Clare is a wonderful person; super warm, friendly, and fun. She cares a LOT and you can tell the work matters to her, which makes it so much easier to open up and commit. I've found a more spiritual side to myself that I didn't know was there or refused to acknowledge. Clare will help you find your 'why', understand who you really are and guide you to becoming that person. Coaching has given me tools, techniques, mindset approaches and ultimately a deeper awareness of myself that I carry with me session to session. By having these tools I'm much more able to be conscious of my goals. What surprised me is that you can build such an open and meaningful connection with a complete stranger over the phone. That someone can 'see' you in a way you've never even seen before. Get started, today. Don't look back."



"I have been more brave, pushing myself out of my comfort zone.  Coaching has helped me to be brave and get over my insecurities, I'm feeling really empowered and much better about myself.  I'm focusing on doing more of the things that make me happy. Coaching supports me to do more of the things I love and be brave in all aspects of my life"​



"I felt like a different person after every call. Coaching has helped me change my focus from stuck, to having a clear vision. I am now proud to acknowledge the aspects of my life (childhood) weren't perfect and have left me with some scars.  However, I am not holding onto them anymore, coaching has taught me how to acknowledge the feelings and move on. I have realised my true values and l use them all the time. The biggest changes I have made are, less procrastinating and connecting to my higher self.  The easiest thing about Coaching is being so open with Clare and being able to say whatever is troubling me. Clare is so warm and open, creating a safe place that feels like a warm hug.  I have made progress as a person and am proud of my achievements so far.  Coaching brought out the 'real me'.  I will now enter my 40's in a better state of mind than in my 30's. I could write a book to recommend Clare, she has been one of the most influential people in my life, I now have positive foundations, which I use to help me with life's obstacles.  Clare is a warm, loving, caring professional no-B.S Life Coach."​


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