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Seven Solstice

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Blending ancient & modern teachings to support radical change

Learn to shape-shift your mindset & transform heavy thoughts into lightness for the New Year. The dark days & seasonal change used to wreak havoc with my mood & mindset - but now I can see it for what it is, renewal, releasing & transformation. You are part of nature, so all this applies to you too.  


Tap into your wisdom

This MasterClass will kickstart your New Year, whilst honouring the energy of winter - slow, steady & mysterious.

The ancient practices & principles I'll be sharing have changed my life: truly. They have reimagined how I see the world. They have altered how I move through it, how I problem solve, work & how I generate answers from within myself. 


You will learn how to be the creator of your story rather than a passive character.


About Me


I’m a transformational coach, entrepreneur, shamanic practitioner & retreat creator.

My passion is helping people awaken & remember who they truly are; to live unapologetically & authentically; to boldly shine their magic out into the world.

I’m a Qualified Coach (CPCC) & Certified Shamanic Practitioner, & my private practice is underpinned by my previous 13 year career in trauma informed rehabilitation within the Criminal Justice System.

I am trained in the lineage of the Peruvian jungle Shipibo Tribe as a plant medicine student & space holder. I am also a ‘mesa’ carrier, holding teachings & rights from the mountain Paqo’s in Peru, who are direct descendants of the Inca.   I am a lifelong student of the Shamanic Medicine Wheel. 

Don’t worry if none of this makes sense! Just know if you feel called, this MasterClass is for you. Trust your gut - we’ll be learning more about this!

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Where you are on the Medicine Wheel & what the teachings mean for you. How you can work with (not against) any challenges you're facing

2020 is the year Mother Nature wants us to remember, honour and end on a high. One day we'll all meet together in ceremony, for now we ride solo - side by side. 

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