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How Safe is DMT?

Welcome Cosmic Travellers! DMT use is rapidly increasing, as part of the global psychedelic renaissance. Along with the highs can come lows, so what are the dangers & how can you ensure you have a safe trip?

Hi I'm Clare Marriott, I'm a trained & certified shamanic practitioner & Leadership Coach. I bridge the corporate & cosmic world & have been working with sacred plant medicines since 2020. My mission is to help you heal safely & lead an extraordinary life.

What is DMT? DMT is the name of the psychoactive molecule dimethyltripamene - a bit of a mouthful - so most people shorten it to DMT.

The DMT molecule is found in several ancient medicines. Bufo {boo-fow} aka toad is the poisonous excretion from a toad, used medicinally to expand consciousness & heal trauma.

Ayahuasca {ay-ah-wos-ka} is an Amazonian medicinal brew made from a vine & plant. The leaves of the plant containe DMT and the vine contains a compound that allows us to digest the DMT brew.

DMT is also a naturally occurring molecule in the brain, secreted from the pineal gland at birth & death. The bufo toad is found in Africa. Ayahuasca is a medicinal brew made from a number of plants, traditionally used by tribes in the Amazon Rainforest.

There are two different ways to consume DMT. Bufo, toad, is smoked through a pipe. Ayahuasca is consumed as a drink. However, in scientific, clinical trials DMT is administered intravenously to patients *further reading: "DMT The Spirit Molecule" by Dr Risk Strassman MD.

Before taking these medicines, a trained & experienced space holder, sometimes called a shaman, will 'screen' each participant for their suitability & safety. They will ask detailed questions about your medication use, trauma, drug use, mental & physical health. If this is not being done, you should not attempt to take this medicine with that practitioner; no matter how well you know them.

How Safe is DMT to take / smoke recreationally? DMT is NEVER safe to take recreationally. It should never be consumed at parties or festivals! DMT can cause profound & sometimes irreversible psychological damage, even death, if it's not properly administered. Immediately after smoking DMT the user is extremely vulnerable, often unable to move for 20-30 minutes. You should seek out a qualified shaman who holds Bufo ceremonies.

How safe is ayahuasca to take / drink recreationally? The ayahuasca brew is is NEVER safe to take recreationally. As above, it can cause serious harm & renders you unable to move for several hours. You should seek out a qualified shaman who holds ceremonies. Plus, this is a sacred indigenous medicine & should be treated with reverence and respect.

These medicines should only ever be consumed in a ceremonial setting, where participants lie quietly on a mat with specific songs called icaros and music are played by a shaman, who guides the energies of the space.

This is my shaman in Peru, Meastro Herberto. Shaman wear clothes with protective patterns & use healing tools like rattles, tobacco or 'shacapa' leaves to give you beautiful journey.

Use, what I call "The Three S's" to determine if this medicine is right for you:

SET - This is your mental & physical health 'set-up'. Are you mentally & physically resilient enough to take this medicine?

SETTING - Is the practitioner trained, certified & insured to hold space for you? Have you been given an in-depth questionnaire to assess your suitability & safety? *if the answer is no, avoid!

SACRED - This medicine is NOT recreational. It should only be taken in a ceremony held by a trusted medicine man /woman aka shaman. Is the space you're taking this sacred? *if the answer is no, you're much more likely to have a bad trip.

Entities. Just like the many frequencies we tap into in daily life & science, such a Gamma rays, InfaRed, Radio Waves, WiFi there are also other frequencies & realities that DMT gives us access to.

Many people report seeing beings or "entities". These are often friendly & share information for personal growth & healing. This can be profoundly comforting & life changing.

However, just like it this world, there are beings that, unfortunately, wish to cause harm. These are known as dark entity attachments. The purpose of a shaman is to mange the space to keep these entities away, or remove them if a participate has one attached to them. If you are taking DMT in the absence of a trained shaman, you are opening yourself up to being hijacked by energies & beings that can cause you serious harm.

This may sound far-fetched & extreme bu there are many similarities to people's DMT experiences. So much so, they are now being scientifically assessed, explored and "mapped" by researches. Just like the study of outer space; the exploration of consciousness, particularly whilst under the influence of DMT, is being explored in clinical settings to see if these entities can help us. Read here.

My concern about clinical settings, is that they are not protected energetically by a Shaman, who can navigate those realms & protect the patient.

You also need to be mindful that Ayahuasca is not legal to consume or administer in many parts of the world & doing so, could land you in serious trouble with The Law. Currently (2024) it is only legal in parts of South America: Peru, Ecuador, Brazil & Colombia. It is decriminalised in Portugal. Bufo is legal only in Canada. Please note: Laws change all the time.

In summary, whilst the enchantment of experiencing other worldly dimensions & receiving deep healing might be hugely appealing, it is your personal responsibility to ensure your safety. Ayaadvisors is a helpful platform with independent reviews of aya retreat centres in South America.

There are no quick fixes to healing, but there are endless possibilities.

Safe travels.

For more information on shamanic healing follow me on instagram @claremarriott7 or visit

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