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Wooden House in the Forest

Amazon Healing Retreat
Peru 2025

I am thrilled to offer you the chance to join a gorgeous, intimate retreat in the heart of the Amazon Rainforest for deep healing, transformation & cosmic connection.

Maloka means "ceremony space". It's where all your plant medicine ceremonies take place.

A scared temple for you to heal, learn & journey.

I've had so many people support my recent trip & reach out wanting to do a similar, but not knowing where to start or what's safe.  I took a massive leap into the unknown & travelled alone (I'm a bit mental like that), so you don't have to. 

I've found the most magical space & want to bring you along for the adventure of a lifetime.

Come with me to Maloka!

Clare Marriot Seven Coaching-161.jpg


I’m honoured to have been given special permission to bring a group to Maestro Herberto’s Healing Retreat. Groups are not normally permitted at this well established centre. It's been running for over 20 years & they have so many new & returning “passengers” as they call them, that they don't typically take group bookings.


I've developed a special relationship with the team, so we’re very privileged to be able to travel together to support, laugh & connect to one another in such a loving environment.



The retreat is fully indigenous owned & run by Maestro Herberto & his family, including his sister Maestra Eunice & their Aunt Maestra Celia, all from the Shibipo-Conibo nation. He specialises in protection & building up your 'cano' (personal energy centre) with the plants & healings. You will feel safe, held & protected at all times surrounded by the jungle & looked after by the dedicated team.

Natural Cosmetic Materials


This is a mixed healing retreat using different plant medicines, with ceremonies held during the day & night. You will also be prescribed specific plants to "diet" & drink daily, to support your healing process. You are encouraged to participate in all ceremonies but you are not forced. You can go at your own pace, but will be trusted to push yourself for your own growth.

Image by Aarón Blanco Tejedor


This space is for you if you want to :

Take your healing & self development to the next level, possibly another dimension lol!


Enjoy & try a variety of plant medicines (Ayahuasca, San Pedro, Tobacco, Cacao, Sananga & Hapé) 

Immerse yourself in the water, land & animal kingdom of the Amazon.

Experience profound healing on a physical, mental & spiritual level from three truly exceptional, humble & authentic Shaman from a renowned lineage of Marayas*

Leap into the unknown & connect with a likeminded group of souls.

Directly contribute to the protection of the Amazon & it’s indigenous guardians.

Live in authentic, rustic jungle homes booked as twin or solo, each with en-suite toilet & shower & mosquito protection.

*Marayas were the highest level of Shipibo curenderismo. There are none left to day. They were the ones who achieved crystallisation & had supernatural powers with the ability to shapeshift & use telekinesis.

Jungle Hut

What's Included?

2 Nights in 4* Hotel in Lima with Breakfast (all hotel rooms are twin sharing)

Retreat transfers to/from Iquitos Airport

Retreat Accommodation, Food, Water, Ceremonies.

Retreat Amenities:

En-Suite Bungalows

Wifi (limited only to the lake area)

Teacher Trees

Shipibo Market

Fresh Water Swimming Lake

Jungle Lodge hang-out space

On-site translator, assistant & coordinator 

3 experienced Shaman from the same Shipibo family & lineage - Herberto, Celia & Eunice

What's NOT Included?


  • International Flights to Lima  (KLM / AIR FRANCE / LATAM)

  • Domestic Flights Lima to Iquitos (SKY / LATAM / STAR PERU)

  • The trip begins on 15th March, so you need to arrive in Lima on this date.

  • You need a domestic flight from Lima to Iquitos on 17th March.

  • Airport Transfers in Lima to the Hotel.

  • Approx $20 each way & cheaper if you share.

  • I will arrange taxi's to collect you from the airport when you land in Lima.

  • Travel Insurance 

  • Lunch & Dinner in Lima - budget for £20 / 100 soles per meal (x 4 meals)


  • Massages $50 from Maestra Eunice

  • Vaccinations - speak to your healthcare provider.  I can't give vaccine advice - I have to remain impartial on this.

  • Spending Money for Shamanic Shopping - there is an artisan Shipibo Market at the retreat each Wednesday. Beautiful handmade items: range from 50p - £250

  • Stay in Iquitos - some people like to chill out for a few days after the retreat has ended. Iquitos is small with some good shopping & cute hotels. I can advise you on where to stay.

Image by yunchuan luo

About Maloka.

Maloka was born out of my own personal journey to this retreat centre & the idea of running a trip here came to me in one of the ceremonies, despite knowing they don't accept groups normally. But when the plants decide, you find a way.

During my diagnosis from Maestro Herberto at the beginning & end of my stay, he told me I had powerful healing abilities & should begin my curendera training. There was no pressure or expectaion for me to train with him, but because of the healing, compassion & vibe of the centre I honestly cannot picture myself anywhere else. 

I could easily go back by myself, but the message was clear - to bring people along who would not otherwise come alone.

 I totally get that. South America is hard to navigate & very sketchy in places, so I will all do all the organising & booking for you. All you have to do is give yourself permission to embark on an epic adventure.

This is a magical opportunity AND

This is a healing retreat, not a holiday.

This is the jungle, not a sterile hotel.

So you will need a level of self awareness & respect for the fact you are deep in nature & not the main character lol!

It took me a few days to adjust to this & to stop over-thinking & start FEELING.

Food is simple & delicious & you are expected to follow the rules around diet at all times. I will not be there to police or hand hold you, as I will be partaking in deep healing & initiations myself.

Once we get to the centre you will be taken care of by the wonderful team.

There will be periods when I am not with the group, when I am instructed to complete isolation & dietas.

We will unite as a group but we all be in our own, unique process.

There is a retreat co-ordinator & translator on hand, should you require any information or assistance.

Spaces are extremely limited to 8 people & verbally half of them have been taken.

I cannot hold spaces & request that you secure your booking with the required deposit asap to avoid disappointment.

I know the trip is a long way off but the centre is already taking bookings for December 2024, it's extremely popular, so don't miss out.


Mini Maloka

15th March - 23rd March (9 Days)
Twin £2000

Solo £2200

Deposit £600*

*2 nights in 4* Hotel in Lima. Twin Room. Breakfast Included 

* Healing Retreat 7 days / 6 nights. Full Board.

*Choose twin or solo bungalow.
* 4 Ayahuasca ceremonies
* 1 San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremony
* Rapé (tobacco snuff) & Sananga (eye drops) rituals
* Ancient Shipibo rituals
* Aura-cleansing plant & flower baths
* 1 Mud bath
* Teacher Plant dieta (daily)
* 2 Consultations with Maestro Heberto


15th March - 30th March (16 Days)
Twin £2950

Solo £3300

Deposit £900*

*2 nights in 4* Hotel in Lima. Twin Room. Breakfast Included

* Healing Retreat 14 days / 13 nights. Full Board

*Choose twin or solo bungalow.
* 8 Ayahuasca ceremonies
* 2 San Pedro (Huachuma) ceremony
* Rapé (tobacco snuff) & Sananga (eye drops) rituals
* Ancient Shipibo rituals
* Aura-cleansing plant & flower baths
* 2 Mud baths
* Teacher Plant dieta (daily)
* 2 Consultations with Maestro Heberto

*Please note, deposits are non-refundable & non-transferable because I send the money straight to the centre & this confirms your space. I cannot request this back under any circumstances. As this is a special group booking for us, the criteria is strict.


Please pay in full or in two instalments at no extra cost:

Pay in Full 

Deposit asap + Full Balance required by 1st August 2024.

Pay in 2 Instalments

Deposit asap + First payment due by 1st August

Second payment due by 1st October. 

After 1st October the balance is non-refundable & non-transferable for all.


Payments secure your space & all the money is sent directly to the centre.

Any request for refund will be solely at the discretion of the centre, your money will be held in their accounts.


If payment is not made, following deposit, the space will be offered to the waitlist & you will be notified.

Someone else may take your space, with refunds at the discretion of the centre.

Fern Plant
Fern Plant
Working at home

Additional Info

Upon receipt of your deposit, you will be sent a confidential health questionnaire to complete, I am not party to the information, it is seen only by the centre. This must be completed by 1st November 2024, you won't be able to attend the retreat without it.

It is vital that you understand that all medication must be stopped three weeks prior to attending including anti-histamine & SSRI anti-depressants as part of the dieta. You can take birth control but please be aware these are hormone disruptors.

Additional rules around abstinence from drugs, alcohol, salt, sex, sugar & processed foods will be sent separately prior to the retreat to ensure your mind & body are in alignment to sit with these powerful medicines.



Choose from twin sharing or solo (I prefer solo). You will be allocated your room by the centre, using your intake form. For example, if someone has mobility issues they'll be in a bungalow closer to the kitchen & maloka. I like to stay deep in the jungle.

You can let me know your preference, but Maestro Herberto will make the final decision.


There is a beautiful fresh water swimming lake, which brings welcome relief from the heat, a Wifi Maloka to connect with family whilst you're away (many people opt for a total digital detox) and a huge Jungle Lodge to hang out & relax in hammocks.

Then there are the majestic Teacher Trees to explore & meditate with. You will be given a tour to deepen your understanding & connection with the jungle.

Selfie in the Woods


The impact this centre has had on my life, is hard to put into words, other than it's transformed it. I can't wait to return with you & I feel blown away that I get to share this with people (even though I'd love to keep it secret & all to myself - this is not what this work or this centre is about.)


Maestro Herberto's family & tribe have faced persecution, racism & land-grabbing all their life & yet still they chose to share their magic with the world. It humbled me to tears that, despite what their people have endured, they still promote love, healing & respect at every level.


I am running this as a non-profit retreat with all proceeds going directly to the centre. Any surplus money will be donated to Maestro Herberto's NGO, which protects the Amazon, it's animal friends & human guardians.

I am so excited to share this space with you.


If you have any questions please email me I will respond Mon-Fri 9am-5pm

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