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Elemental Leadership


4 Week Experiential Online Course

Leadership is for everyone.  You are a born leader. In the Natural World, nothing hides away from growth and expansion - and neither should you.  Investing in your Self is the greatest gift and this course will stay with you forever.  I promise.


Maybe you feel disconnected? A little lost? Like an impostor at work or in your own life? There is hope darling - If you are ready to OWN your unique gifts, let go of negative thoughts and deeply connect with an uplifting Tribe - then this course is for you!

If you are established in your career, but have a feeling that "there's just something missing", your curiosity has led you here for a reason - this course if for you!

This Program will give you practical learning as well as body/mind/soul experiential learning.  You will embody and draw upon the elements (Earth, Air, Water and Fire) to elevate your life, relationships and leadership.

You are so unique, even the stars look down on you with envy. Do you believe that? I do, and your Tribe will hold that vision for you too.

What you'll get from Elemental Leadership 

  • Deep connection with an intimate Tribe. 

  • Brave space to share, explore and commit to change.

  • Clarity on your goals and values.

  • Deeply nourishing and embodied practices.

  • One Power Coaching call with me before the course starts.

  • A workbook / Journal (PDF)

  • Conscious WhatsApp group for support and connection for the duration of the course.

  • So much more magic!


Each Friday throughout June - 5th / 12th / 19th / 26th at 7pm

Whether you run your own business or are just starting out, if you manage your own team or you're riding solo this Program will give you insight, wisdom and clarity that will last a lifetime.


I cannot wait to welcome you!

INVESTMENT £111 Please click on this email link to reserve your place.

  • 10% discount for my existing clients 

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