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Supporting Your Talent


Whether it's artists or staff, CEO to Intern - I will support you to achieve optimum mental clarity and well-being.  Clarity comes from knowing who we are, how we behave and what we want. Well-being comes from nurturing all aspects of ourselves.


We know first hand how traumatic the last few months have been for staff and artists.  A body, mind and soul approach sets the foundations on which creativity is built, Coaching is how it flourishes.  People are returning to work shell-shocked and in need of support.


We see for ourselves, and in the Press, just how difficult life in the spotlight can become - whether that's in the media, online or someone simply struggling with their visibility within a team.


Why Coaching?

I work within Creative Industries, supporting Leaders, Artists, Interns and everyone in between through powerful Coaching.  Coaching (which is not therapy or advice) offers new ways to respond to the challenges of a complex and ever changing world. In order to create sustainable leadership we MUST understand why we operate the way we do. I support deep and purposeful self discovery, which fosters ownership, responsibility and confidence - to support creative and globally recognised businesses. 


My Offerings.

All my Coaching is bespoke and one to one either in person in London or over the phone, globally.


  • Executive Coaching for Leaders.

  • Creative Coaching for Top Talent & Artists.

  • Team Coaching - delivered one-to-one for the whole team (6 per day).

  • Workshops - cut out the middle man and hire me directly to run workshops or Masterminds on meaningful topics like Resilience, Confidence, Leadership, Impostor Syndrome. 

Cultivating a healthy mindset and mental well-being is the key to a sustainable business and World. Leadership starts with self. 

I look forward to supporting you all.

*Prices on application based on your requirements 

Similing Team

Executive Coaching

From the outside looking in you have it all, but you know deep down that something has been seriously wrong for a while.  You have the career, the title, the "stuff", but you realise the stuff has no substance and what's left feels pretty empty and a bit scary. Vulnerability, shame and a sense of being out of alignment has you questioning your whole identity. You are NOT ALONE - I support the top talent in creative industries (Tech, Music, Media and Fashion) to recover from burn out, breakdowns, and stress. I do not offer a quick fix, I offer lasting change based on a deeply connected coaching relationship.  The transformation is powerful and relatable because it's abased around you.  I design tailor made packages for you find clarity, meaning and direction.  My Executive Coaching was born out of my expertise in Coaching and passion for Leadership.  Your courage is whispering to not give up on yourself this time.  The booze, the drugs, the lifestyle have been masking something and I am here to support your healing and your greatest leadership - the leadership of your own life. A life you love, filled with purpose and value and a legacy to be proud of.  The time is now.

Investment £4800 (6 Month Bespoke Executive Package)

Corporate Teams
Individual Corporate Coaching
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