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Magical Cacao

Cacao is a sacred plant medicine & master plant "teacher" - meaning that when you drink this elixir it gives you insight, clarity & wisdom to help you live a more heart centred life. Cacao is a grandmother energy - ancient, wise & nurturing.


Cacao is also absolutely delicious & can be mixed with all sorts of wonderful ingredients to your taste & liking - pepper, honey, essence of rose, vanilla or orange, turmeric, milk. The combinations are endless.

Use cacao to help you

*ground & anchor you

*manifest your dreams

*create a weekly ritual of gratitude, thanks & manifesting

Having drunk gallons of cacao over the years, I can safely say this is by far the most delicious & ethical cacao I have been able to source. It's caffeine free & packed full of antioxidants & theobromine (bliss molecule). Unlike most cacao, these beans are from a single estate (not blended) & have been sun-dried thus retaining the delcious cacao fat - hence why this is called cacao 'paste'.  Sungate cacao is produced by ancient trees over 100years old, which are played music 'icaros' & lovingly processed on a family run farm in Ecuador.

Clare Marriot Seven Coaching-58.jpg
Clare Marriot Seven Coaching-58.jpg

Each bar of Sungate ceremonial cacao is of the highest and finest quality. Hand packed and delivered with love and blessings in biodegradable packaging.

When you purchase this cacao you are preserving habitat and improving the quality of life of those who protect and care for the trees in Ecuador.

Buy Cacao

Large 500g bar is only £40 incl p+p - UK only

. Payment via PayPal (click Friends & Family to avoid charges).

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Your purchase also contains instructions on how to prepare & care for your cacao.

Delivery 3-5 working days.

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