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Shamanic Healing

Bring your Magic back to life

If you feel 'lost' in life, looking to heal trauma or searching for some clarity on what to do about a difficult situation, a shamanic healing session can be hugely beneficial.

Each healing is totally unique.


You will receive your spirit animal & a deep healing using crystals, sound & icaros (medicine songs) allowing you to reconnect with your magic & truth.

Shamanic healings are profound; offering emotional & energetic release, healing your mind, body & soul.

Healings are offered in person at my home in Essex.

£111 (1hr 30mins)



Explore the healings & pick whichever one speaks to you the most.

My Shamanic Story

My first shamanic experience didn't begin in the amazon jungle or at the top of a mountain - it began in a back garden in Essex.

Sat with a bunch of strangers, drinking cacao for the first time, I remembered something; deeper than my love for chocolate. I remembered the power of community, the power of plant medicine, indigenous wisdom & my own power - longing to come back to life.


 It ignited my calling to weave ancient teachings & practices into the "modern", busy lives of my clients to help you remember your purpose & create more balance & joy.

That was in 2020 & I'm thrilled to say I have since been to the top of mountains in the Peruvian Andes & trained with the Q'ero Nation & their shaman; direct descendants of the Inca called the 'Paqo' priests. I have been initiated by the Paqo's as a Mesa carrier. A Mesa is a sacred collection of crystals & stones, programmed with healing properties, wrapped in hand woven cloth from the Andean Mountains. I am now the proud keeper of a Pachamama (earth) Healing Mesa, a Crystal Mesa & a Nusta (goddess) Mesa - which is wonderful, except when trying to navigate customs & airline luggage allowances. They're very heavy!

I have also travelled deep into the Amazon Rainforest in March 2024 to continue my studies with plant medicines with renowned Shipibo Meastro Herberto. Having experienced profound healing & transformation in my life I hope to bring these teachings to a ceremony near you soon.

Once you step on this path, endless possibilities open up for you. I am living breathing proof of that & my mission is to help you walk your path, sing your truest song & be who you were born to be.

I am a Certified Shamanic Practitioner, trained directly in the lineage of the Inca & Shipibo-Conibo.

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Whether you're in search of nourishment, healing or adventure - I've got you covered.

Image by Pablo Merchán Montes

Cacao is a master plant teacher, heart healer & is absolutely delicious! I sell the finest Ceremonial Grade Cacao made from ancient heirloom trees grown on a fair-trade, family run farm. This is the highest vibrational, nutritionally dense & best tasting cacao

£40 incl p+p. 


If you have a group of friends, wanting to create a magical event, I offer private ceremonies at my home from £25 pp


I offer beautiful illuminations, past life healing, crystal healing & despacho ceremonies from my magical garden room at home. Come & receive a unique healing, relax & realign in a warm, welcoming space.

£111 (1hr 30mins)


I curate & host spectacular retreats (even if I do say so myself!) Join me for unforgettable adventures & transformation in the UK & Europe.

Let's Collaborate!

If you run retreats & want someone to hold space with you & offer your clients some deep healing, a cacao ceremony or bespoke workshops, please get in touch. 

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