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About Clare

Years of adventure, failure, grief & unstoppable self belief led me to creating a thriving coaching practice - based on courage, compassion & creativity. Maybe the same things have led you to this page?

I'm a Holistic Leadership Coach for creatives, game changers and entrepreneurs all over the Globe, who face major challenges & serious crossroads in life; career, wellbeing, relationships & business & help them to take control & transform their lives.


I have supported hundreds of leaders, just like you, to face their demons, smash their goals & live vibrantly again.  


My expertise will help you overcome burn-out & fear based barriers.  My work is underpinned by my lifelong love & commitment to self discovery. Supported by my internationally recognised CTI Coaching certification & former career in Criminal Justice, you are in safe hands.


I have a huge heart, a witches cackle & make Coaching fun & relatable, whilst being able hold you through the darkest shadow work. Trust me, I have heard it ALL, nothing is off limits. You have complete freedom to be yourself.


My passion truly lies in witnessing people evolve into the creative, confident & balanced person they long to be; holding space for pain, power & purpose. 


My global network of clients includes individuals & teams in music, fashion, tech, pharma & consultancy. They lead exhilarating and exhausting lives & my calling is to help them create balance, belonging & sustainable impact.  


Coaching is a completely confidential & courageous space to explore your 'real' issues, shift your perspectives and become a leader in your own life.

You'll never be as ready as you are now. Let's do this


Complete the Discovery application to begin your journey


I'm a multi-passionate, eternal student and teacher. My qualifications include:

  • Certified Practitioner of Co-Active Coaching (CPCC)

  • BA Hons in History of Art and Communications

  • BA Hons in Criminal Justice 

  • Coaching for Managers

  • CTI Coaching Fundamentals

  • CTI Coaching Core Curriculum 

  • Gauge Leadership Programme (Lea_p Leadership) 

  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher 200hrs

  • Baby Massage Therapist

  • Enhanced DBS Certificate


Pay it forward

Each year I donate 10% of profits to two incredible organisations. 


Birkdale School Charity for Nepal. I attended Birkdale sixth form and took part in two charitable trips to Nepal to volunteer with the school's charity.  I have seen first hand where the money goes & currently supports  two children through school.


Pachamama.Org - Pachamama Alliance is a global community that offers people the chance to learn, connect, engage & cherish life for the purpose of creating a sustainable future that works for all. With roots deep in the Amazon rainforest, their programs integrate Indigenous wisdom with modern knowledge to support personal, and collective, transformation that is the catalyst to bringing forth an environmental & spiritually sustainable future. 

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