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Clare Marriott

Where corporate & cosmic collide


I specialise in supporting creative folk who realise their inconsistent mindset & negative patterns are holding them back from extraordinary things.


If you've been feeling emotionally imbalanced & adrift & thinking "there's gotta be more to life than this" then my expertise will help you gain long term self-awareness & alignment, so you can lead your life & biz YOUR way, with courage, compassion & cosmic star dust.

I offer a unique 360 holistic leadership approach using bespoke tools, resources & techniques to evoke powerful transformation in you.


Enabling you to create a life & biz you're not only proud of, but one that sets an example of what's possible.

How I can help


I help wildly authentic leaders get un-stuck to create an inner world as strong as their outer world. Leadership is not a role or title - it's a mindset. We are all leaders in our life.


 I help creatives & change makers to move beyond burnout & imposter syndrome to live fearlessly with confidence, truth & emotional balance.  I support & hold your vision to have maximum fun & impact on this beautiful planetWith my expertise & unique blend of mindset, energetic self mastery & mentoring, you will build lasting energy with a dream lifestyle to match.


The world is screaming out for authentic heart-led leaders like you.

Stop playing smaller than the Universe planned.

You will receive tools & techniques for life to help you lead from a place of trust, joy & authenticity.

Working together, we co-create your values, vision & future.



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“Clare combines modern techniques with ancient practices & makes each session feel like an adventure."

Andy - Director, Capgemini


I am a multidimensional entrepreneur with decades of experience helping people rebuild their lives & transform their leadership. I offer unique services & experiences than combine coaching & healing modalities to help you recover from burnout, lead from the heart & re-shape your future. 

Investing in yourself takes courage & creates huge, positive impact not only in your life, but your team, your family & wider community. It's also REALLY FUN!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

Wooden House in the Forest


Feeling the call for an adventure?

Ready to leave your comfort zone?

Willing take your life & leadership to the next level?


Then join me in the Amazon Rainforest for the trip of a lifetime.

Maloka is a rare opportunity to travel to a renowned, indigenous owned centre in Peru the heart of the jungle.

Together, we'll connect to nature & explore Peru. Travelling with a likeminded group of people to learn from authentic Shipibo Shaman & experience a variety of sacred plant medicines in a safe & supportive environment.

Individually, you'll be experiencing profound healing, working through trauma & blocks to emerge into the best & brightest version of yourself. 

Prices from £2000

See you in the Maloka

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The world needs evolved leaders. People who lead with courage, compassion & connection as their core values.


Coaching with me is revealing & confronting & designed to take you beyond your perceived limitations, into the energy & reality of expansion & endless possibilities.

Imagine your life beyond fear, overwhelm & playing small.

It's time to create a new world & commit to the greatest gift on earth...


Join the creatives, founders & change makers across the globe who took the leap.

Get in touch today!

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Years of adventure, failure, grief led me to quit my 9-5 in Criminal Justice & create a thriving coaching practice - based on my values of courage, compassion & creativity. 

I'm a Holistic Leadership Coach for creatives, game changers and entrepreneurs all over the Globe, who face major challenges & serious crossroads in life; career, wellbeing, relationships.


I have supported hundreds of leaders, just like you, to face their demons, smash their goals & live vibrantly again.  


My expertise will help you overcome burn-out & fear based barriers.  My work is underpinned by my lifelong love & commitment to self discovery. Supported by my internationally recognised CTI Coaching certification & former career in Criminal Justice, you are in safe hands.


I have a huge heart & make Coaching fun & relatable, whilst being able hold you through the darkest shadow work. Trust me, I have heard it ALL, nothing is off limits. You have complete freedom to be yourself.


My passion truly lies in witnessing people evolve into the creative, confident & balanced person they long to be; holding space for pain, power & purpose. 


My global network of clients includes individuals & teams in music, fashion, tech, pharma & consultancy. They lead exhilarating and exhausting lives & my calling is to help them create harmony, belonging & sustainable impact.  


Coaching is a completely confidential & courageous space to explore your 'real' issues & shift your perspectives.

You'll never be as ready as you are now.

Let's do this!


Complete the Discovery application to begin your journey



I'm a multi-passionate, eternal student and teacher. My qualifications include:

  • Certified Practitioner of Co-Active Coaching (CPCC)

  • BA Hons in History of Art and Communications

  • BA Hons in Criminal Justice 

  • Coaching for Managers

  • CTI Coaching Fundamentals

  • CTI Coaching Certification CPCC

  • Gauge Leadership Programme (Lea_p Leadership) 

  • Certified Shamanic Practitioner

  • Certified Hatha Yoga Teacher YTT 200hrs

  • Enhanced DBS Certificate

  • Fully Insured

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