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Lead an EXTRAordinary life



My clients will all tell you that they are not the same person after coaching. I specialise in supporting creative folk who realise their inconsistent mindset & negative patterns are holding them back from extraordinary things.


If you've been feeling emotionally imbalanced & adrift & thinking "there's gotta be more to life than this" then my expertise will help you gain long term self-awareness & alignment, so can live life YOUR way, with courage, compassion & balance.

I offer a unique 360 holistic leadership approach using tools, resources & techniques to evoke powerful transformation in you. Enabling you to create a life & biz you're not only proud of, but one that sets an example of what's possible.



I help wildly authentic leaders get un-stuck to create an inner world as strong as their outer world.


 I help creatives & change makers to move beyond burnout & imposter syndrome to live fearlessly with confidence, truth & emotional balance.  I support & hold your vision to have maximum fun & impact on this beautiful planetWith my expertise & unique blend of mindset, energetic self mastery & mentoring, you will build lasting energy with a dream lifestyle to match.


The world is screaming out for authentic heart-led leaders like you.

Stop playing smaller than the Universe planned.

You will receive tools & techniques for life to help you lead from a place of trust, joy & authenticity.

Working together, we co-create your values, vision & future.



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“Clare combines modern techniques with ancient practices & makes each session feel like an adventure."

Andy - Director, Capgemini


I am a multidimensional entrepreneur with decades of experience helping people rebuild their lives & transform their leadership. I offer unique services & experiences than combine coaching & healing modalities to help you recover from burnout, lead from the heart & re-shape your future. 

Investing in yourself takes courage & creates huge, positive impact not only in your life, but your team, your family & wider community. It's also REALLY FUN!

Be the change you wish to see in the world.

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The world needs evolved leaders. People who lead with courage, compassion & connection as their core values.


Coaching with me is revealing & confronting & designed to take you beyond your perceived limitations, into the energy & reality of expansion & endless possibilities.

Imagine your life beyond fear, overwhelm & playing small.

It's time to create a new world & commit to the greatest gift on earth...


Join the creatives, founders & change makers across the globe who took the leap.

Get in touch today!

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